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Meet Wilson Processing, Inc.

Wilson Processing's roots run deep through the soil here in the little community of Richland, nestled between Seneca and Westminster.  It was around 1950 when "Captain" Paul Wilson opened the doors of his namesake grocery, one of many general stores that dotted the countryside to serve as lifelines for folks in the community.  And from the outside looking in, Paul's grocery was no different, selling shoes, oil, dry goods, flour, seed, and chewing gum.  But there was something different about Paul's was Paul.

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Capn Paul.jpg

You can ask anyone who used to come into the store as a child and they'll tell you that Paul had a tender heart for kids, especially hungry ones.  If "Cap'n Paul" knew of a family in need, you can bet they'd get an extra bag of groceries on "credit" or an IOU that would never be cashed in as long as Paul had anything to say about it.  That's just the kind of person he was and it's that sense of generosity and care for the people of our community that we're so proud to keep alive at Wilson's today! 

Four generations later, Wilson Processing is still here in Richland, serving quality meats and groceries to our little community and beyond into the surrounding counties of the upstate and Georgia.  But out of all the things we enjoy, getting to know the folks that come through our door is our favorite.  Our customers and friends are the reason we come to work every day! We've been blessed to have the history and family that we do, and we hope that we're still making the Captain proud for years to come!


Sponsoring Local Bluegrass Music

At Wilson Processing, we also enjoy another local mountain tradition: bluegrass music.  Wilson's has been the proud sponsor of local artists Tugalo Holler for the last 22+ years and you can usually find a few band members hanging around (or working at) the store.

Tugalo Holler (pronounced 2-guh-lo haul-ur) has been producing their own brand of bluegrass/gospel music for more than 20 years and has been blessed with the opportunity to play throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.  

"Captain" Paul

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